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At Cornerstone Automation, we know that running a business with a constantly changing product line, such as in medical device manufacturing, can be a challenge, especially when it comes to recipe management, palletizer programming, and system integration. Founded in 1995, Cornerstone Automation offers comprehensive industrial automation system integration services ranging from design/build to maintaining and improving plant operations.

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As expert control system integrators, we can bridge the gap between your electricians and fabricators, helping you seamlessly integrate new machines into your existing production line. Our team has the unique skillset to ensure that your new equipment works well with your existing machines, and we can also help with programming to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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We understand that some of your equipment may not have proper documentation, which is why we offer reverse engineering services. Our team can help you create accurate and up-to-date documentation for your equipment, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of your production line.

Back-Up Services

We offer backup services to make a backup of your controls programs (HMIs, PLCs), giving you a disaster recovery solution. We can help you upgrade your controls to allow for more features on your machines or lines, including recipe installation, OEE statistics, email alerts, or SCADA integration.

SCADA Integration

We offer SCADA design, installation, and setup. Our team can help you integrate SCADA into your production line, giving you the ability to monitor and control your machines and lines more efficiently.

At Cornerstone Automation, we understand the challenges of running a business within the medical device manufacturing industry. Our team is committed to providing you with superior service so you can focus on delivering quality products to your customer base.

Case Studies

Machine Monitoring

Customized Passivation Line

The medical equipment manufacturer¬†utilizes CNC (computerized numerical control) and EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines throughout their facility. These fully-automated systems require zero input from the operator once a job order has been scheduled, allowing production runs to be left unsupervised. The company would schedule larger orders to run during a “lights out” operation over the weekends.

A medical device manufacturer had a broken passivation line that could not meet their production requirements. They had been outsourcing the passivation of materials to a third party while their own machine sat idle for years. Cornerstone Automation was able to step in to provide a customized solution.

Control System Modernization

SLC 5/05 PLC Migration Solutions

By upgrading your PLC systems, you unlock a world of benefits. Newer electronic equipment provides improved reliability, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected failures. Additionally, these modern PLCs offer higher availability of replacements and spare parts at more affordable prices, providing a more robust foundation for your plant. Furthermore, the advanced features of the newer platforms, such as advanced ethernet-based control networks, remote support capabilities, and increased performance, can amplify the productivity of your machines, driving efficiency to new heights.

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